Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let the Media Know Why YOU LOVE City FC: A Helpful Guide to the Media's Twitter, Facebook, and Email

The awesomeness that ensued after the last media blast was epic, DCFC videos saw over 25,000 views in a weekend.  Mostly thanks to the efforts of Detroit City FC itself, Northern Guard, and fans from around the Motor City (and beyond!) who unashamedly displayed their love for Le Rouge on Twitter, Facebook, and emails.  

As you should know, City is heading to the playoffs.  And the playoffs are being hosted by City.  This means that July 13 and 14 should be the loudest, proudest, and insanest weekend at Cass Tech.  You know that.  I know that.  But does the rest of Detroit know?  I don't think so!

I spent the last few hours utilizing my expensive public relations degree by putting together a fairly comprehensive media list for local tourism organization, news aggregators, local news, sports journalists, soccer fans, and national media.  Please make my procrastination worthwhile and use it.  

Ideally, you'll take a few minutes to think of why you love City so much, what it means to Detroit, and why a journalist should care.  If not, I've provided a few ready made Tweets and Facebook posts for ease of media inundation (with the help of fellow hooligans Amanda and Ryan).

If you don't have Twitter, there are no excuses...I've provided Facebook pages AND email addresses.  Bringing your friends to the game?  Peer pressure them to send at LEAST one Tweet.  Do your parents enjoy LeRouge?  I'm sure they have an email account.  Sending out one tweet a day means you'd contact each organization twice.  

Commence Tweeting, Facebooking and emailing!  (P.S. Don't just copy past the Tweets...make sure you direct them to one of the MANY Twitter handles supplied below!)

Twitter Ideas

  • Detroit City, we adore you.  Detroit City, for you we sing!  UNDEFEATED @DetroitCityFC hosts playoffs July 13-14. Don't miss out!
  • @DetroitCityFC is undefeated AND hosting playoffs July 13-14.  GREAT place to see what's happening in the D!
  • There's a movement rumbling in Detroit, it's called @DetroitCityFC best fans in the NPSL, undefeated, AND hosting playoffs!
  • Fire in Detroit?  Just @NorthernGuard riled up for @DetroitCityFC playoffs July 13-14! http://tinyurl.com/q5f4cnb
  • No more Lions, Wings, or Pistons...the Tigers don't play 'til late...what's a Detroiter to do?  Check out @DetroitCityFC!
  • Sing and dance your heart out with supporters for UNDEFEATED @DetroitCityFC in the playoffs July 13-14!

Facebook/Email Ideas

  • Why're so many Detroiters singing?  Detroit City Football Club is undefeated and hosting playoffs at their homefield.  With arguably the best fans in the league, we invite you to join us July 13-14 to see what the fuss is all about!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7fS2xjQkd8
  • One of the best stories about Detroit this year, Detroit City FC undefeated and hosting playoffs.  Smoke bombs, chants, flags, and more...you don't want to miss it.  Come on down to Cass Tech July 13-14! http://tinyurl.com/q9ko7se
  • Tickets to World Cup, airfare to Brazil, hotel in Rio=$$$$$$$$$.  Why travel when you can have a real soccer experience in your backyard? $15 gets you a weekend pass to great soccer!  The rowdiest fans in Detroit are gonna bring down the house July 13-14 because Detroit City FC is hosting the playoffs!  Check out the undefeated Le Rouge and their growing number of supporters! http://tinyurl.com/p7tknk4
  • Love Detroit?  So do we!  Grab a pregame beer with us at Harry's and find out what makes Detroit City so special! Then, join us on the field, against the backdrop of downtown to cheer on our beloved Le Rouge...undefeated and hosting the playoffs!  July 13-14 at Cass Tech!  Hope to see you there.  http://tinyurl.com/oomwy9g
  • Sad to be out of hockey, bastketball, AND football season?  Don't know what to do when the Tigers play late?  Check out the action at Cass Tech where the undefeated (9-0-0) Detroit City Football Club will be hosting playoffs July 13-14.  It's an afternoon that will NOT disappoint.  www.detcityfc.com%2Fgreat-lakes-txts%2F%3F___store%3Ddefault&h=aAQG1TFT4
  • There aren't many places where you can sing, dance, watch sports, and support local Detroit businesses.  Detroit City FC games have all of that.  Yelling, singing, dancing, and above all the Detroit spirit are welcomed with open arms in the supporter section.  Don't believe me?  Check out the video!  League playoffs will be in town July 13-14...check us out!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7fS2xjQkd8

Best Chances (I.E. If you're only going to send ONE tweet, send here!)
@HammerFox2  Jennifer Hammond's Twitter---already covered DCFC once, invite her back!---Channel2
@JKatzenstein Sports Columnist---wrote article about DCFC already Email him!---DetNews
@HuffPostDetroit ---Mentioned us briefly, invite 'em back!

@RobParkerLocal4 Sports journalist---Channel4
@LarryLage  AP Reporter who covers Detroit sports
jeremya@wdiv.com Sports editor Channel---Channel4
@TerryFoster971 Sports Columnist AND soccer fan---Radio 971
@tvnewzguy Multimedia journalist and self-proclaimed sports fan---Dave LewAllen Channel7

@BradGalli Local Sports reporter Email him! ---Channel7
@MitchAlbom Majorly awesome columnist ---Freep
@DrewSharp Sports columnist---Freep
Sports@freepress.com Straight to the sport's editor's desk
@FoxSportsDet ---could get some soccer coverage here or here @FOXSoccer

Local Organizations

Channel 2
@HammerFox2  Jennifer Hammond's Twitter---already covered DCFC once, invite her back!
dan.miller@foxtv.com  Director of Sports

Channel 4
Click On Detroit's Facebook
@berniesmilovitz Sports journalist
@RobParkerLocal4 Sports journalist
@ClickonHalston Channel 4 News editor
@ClickonDave Channel 4 News editor
jeremya@wdiv.com Sports editor

Channel 7
WXYZ's Facebook
@GLewisWXYZ local news reporter
@TomLeyden Sports director
@tvnewzguy Multimedia journalist and self-proclaimed sports fan
@BradGalli Local Sports reporter
@DavidSolanoWXYZ Sports journalist
bgalli@wxyz.com Local Sports reporter
tleyden@wxyz.com  Sports director

CBS Detroit
CBS's Facebook
@DanaJacobson Host of CBS Sports

PublicAffairs@wwjtv.com Community events notification

Detroit News
Detroit News' Facebook
@BobWojnowski  Sports Columnist
@TerryFoster971 Sports Columnist AND soccer fan
@JKatzenstein Sports Columnist---wrote article about DCFC already
katzenstein@detroitnews.com  Sports columnist who wrote aforementioned article
sherm@detroitnews.com Pam Shermeyer is multimedia director
placiura@detroitnews.com Phil Placiura is sports editor

Detroit Free Press
Detroit Free Press's Facebook
@Freepmitch Mitch Albom's columns
@MitchAlbom Majorly awesome columnist
@DrewSharp Sports columnist
Sports@freepress.com Straight to the editor's desk

Local Radio

WADL's Facebook

National Media
@Stareagle Dave Hogg, AP reporter and City fan
@Ash_Detroit Editor of Huffington Post Detroit
@LarryLage  AP Reporter who covers Detroit sports
@BobbySoccerRep ESPN reporter
@AlexiLalas Soccer commentator


  1. You're crazy - get packing or you won't be here for the game!

  2. @TheD_Zone is only media that has covered all of the DCFC games and only one who doesn't do it for $, why no mention of them?

    1. Because I've lived in Poland for a year and haven't permanently resided in Detroit for five. Apologies for the oversight. It's been added!

      If they're already covering us though, then we don't need to convince them to come out!

    2. And their Twitter says they only cover high school sports, so I would've jumped over it when I was looking for appropriate media methods.

    3. Yeah they're supporting the club since day 1 though, it s because most of the players are from MI high schools. that play on the team. They always mention which hs theyre from. They posted this yesterday - http://www.thedzone.net/2013/06/detroit-city-fc-season-stats-playoff.html

    4. Re: @TheD_Zone. MLive has been there for every game and we are not paid. We always have a reporter and a photog there. Glad to see TheD_Zone there as they are a great football coverage media but just wanted to make sure that it's known that others are there every game covering as well :-)

  3. Thanks to Anonymous for the comments, appreciate it!